Yummycredits is a 'Credit Store' which can be used to buy products from Yummybox. You can top up through the available payment methods or using token/voucher code.

- Minimum nominal per top-up transaction is Rp 50,000 and maximum Rp 1,000,000.
- The maximum value that can be top upped to YumCredits is Rp 2,000,000 per account.
- No refund of YumCredits transactions

Cara Top Up:

1. In home page, click the menu grid and click Top Up under your account information.

2. Choose payment method as you wish

3. Follow the instructions shown on the page

4. After you have made the payment, your Yumcredits balance will be increased.

5. If you have the voucher code:

Input the YumCredits token code into the field provided, then click Top Up.

** Token YumCredits only available for single use